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14 12, 2022

The benefits of closing a skills gap in your career

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Internal up-skilling and re-skilling are hugely beneficial to a company because it leads to significant long-term cost savings.   What is a skills gap?   A skills gap is a difference between an employee's skills and what their employer or industry requires for a job. It is the demand for new emerging skills across all industries. The skills gap has caused a talent shortage, especially in competitive industries such as Life Sciences and Healthcare. Many workers feel underprepared with the skills they currently have. This includes workers of all ages, even the youngest generation in the economy is struggling to adapt to the rapid evolution of technology and industry innovations.  What are the benefits of up-skilling and re-skilling?  The benefits of up-skilling and re-skilling: Great for career development; Improves chances of applying for complex positions; Can bring you a promotion; Improves Productivity; Boost professional self-esteem. Internal up-skilling and re-skilling are hugely beneficial to a company because it leads to significant long-term cost savings. Not only will it boost team productivity, but it can also lead to an increase in company morale and talent attraction. Employees are more likely to stay with a company long-term when importance is placed on their career development. Do your employees feel valued?   It is clear that an up-skilling or re-skilling is necessary. So, how have organisations responded to this challenge?  Many companies have turned to solutions such as online courses or content libraries to educate their employees. These resources are flexible and provide a large amount of information. A problem that often arises with this solution is the lack of context that is available. To know a skill and to apply your skill to a project is a world

7 12, 2022

Last Spots for the All About Patient Access Curriculum in January 2023

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Do not miss the opportunity to participate in Smelt Academy’s All About Access Programme.   Starting in January 2023, our extensive team of trainers and experts in the Life Sciences will come together to provide you with a curriculum consisting of seven modules. These modules will be a mixture of in-person meetings in the training lab and online preparatory assignments. Smelt Academy utilises a mixture of e-learnings, literature, lectures, informative videos, concrete assignments, case studies, and the research of specific market issues. This results in a highly diverse and multi-dimensional education.   The Smelt Academy team is focused on conveying concepts in a manner that explains the connection between theory and practise. During the curriculum, participants are asked to work on a personal case study and concrete questions within their organisation. Your case will run as a thread through each of the modules, connecting them and reflecting the practical aspects of this training programme.   Time commitment:   The curriculum is six months in total and consists of biweekly plenary sessions. In between each in-person meeting, participants are expected to spend 2-3 hrs per week on preparatory assignments and their personal case study.   Schedule:  Plenary sessions will be from 9:00-13:00 (10:00-13:30 on Graduation Day)  Module 1 – January 20th Registratie en de impact van de SmPC  Module 2 – February 3rd De vergoeding van een geneesmiddel: De procedures  Module 3 – February 17th De rol van de beroepsgroep bij de vergoeding van een geneesmiddel  Module 4 – March 10th Contractering en zorginkoop  Module 5 – March 24th Stakeholder analyse decentraal   Module 6 – April 7th De rol van de beroepsgroep bij de inkoop van geneesmiddelen  Module 7 – April 21st Stakeholder management  Graduation – May 12th Eindresultaat