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Our Medical Affairs Curriculum is a specially developed curriculum for talents in the medical affairs or medical departments of organizations in Life Sciences & Health.

The curriculum provides the development of:
– Knowledge
– Skills
– Vision

Are you a doctor or product specialist and do you want to retrain yourself in a short amount of time to Medical Science Liaison? Then it is possible to follow this training in 5 consecutive days!

In seven modules you will learn the most important skills, so that you will be able to fully participate in the brand team consultation and you will also have acquired all the insights to determine the medical need from Medical and to work with your stakeholders in the field.

The first module deals with the Medical Plan. Why a medical plan, what does the medical plan states, and why does the medical plan differ from the brand plan. This module is followed by the modules that will help you shape the medical plan and implement the tactics from the medical plan itself.

In this day and age, you will need a set of skills to execute a plan properly. That is why a segment has been added to the medical affairs curriculum, that is called the “Learning Lab”. In this learning lab, various skill trainers will work with you, and the group, to increase your personal efficiency. As a Medic, for example, you will give multiple courses in the organization and also for stakeholders. That is why a “train the trainer” for medics has been added to the program.

Over the years, it has become obvious that becoming acquainted with best practices from various organizations is very valuable. Due to this, we always include experienced experts in the program, so you are able to learn how other organizations deal with the theme of the course.

The Medical Affairs CMA Curriculum is a curriculum developed in collaboration with the medical directors of the life sciences & health industry.

It is a dynamic curriculum, which means that it is adjusted annually, to the content, the teachers, and the education form, so that you are always working with the latest changes in organizations and in healthcare.

  • Medical scientific knowledge
  • Exchange of scientific information
  • External expert engagement
  • Clinical studies and data collection
  • Patient related activities
  • Compliance & ethics
  • Internal scientific expert. We apply the work areas and competencies as proposed by the NVFG.

 During the practical lectures and seminars, you will become acquainted with the diverse plans, that will form the medical plan. It is always critical to understand the “Why” of the plan. You will also work on a case to set up a plan yourself.

For example:

  • the medical plan
  • the launch excellence plan
  • work together with thought leaders
  • the publication plan
  • the development of a business case
  • roadmap for developing excellent partnerships

The learning lab focuses on developing your skills. For example, to develop proper cooperation with stakeholders, because effective communication is of the utmost importance.

Topics that will be covered in the learning lab:

  • which management ambitions do I have and how do I relate to my conversation partner
  • communication training
  • thought adaptation ladder
  • conducting effective two-way discussions
  • train the trainer
  • presentation techniques; how do I make contact with the target group
  • situational management
  • giving direction to teams
  • intentional negotiation

In addition to following the medical affairs curriculum, you can also register for our master classes.

These masterclasses give you an insight into the material, such as value-based healthcare or the financing of healthcare. The aim of the master classes are to offer you more insight, in a short period of time, into a current topic that concerns many departments in the life sciences industry. The masterclasses are often supported with an online learning module. Available in Dutch, if it suits you.

A selection of our master classes:

  • value-based healthcare
  • develop a patient journey
  • collaborate with marketing in life sciences
  • developing trusted partnerships
  • finance for non-financials

If your course is not listed, or if you have a suggestion, please contact us.

  • The training agency specialized in life sciences & health
  • Education that is developed in collaboration with the sector
  • Trainers & experts from the industry & Academia
  • Practice: directly applicable knowledge
  • Tailored to the Dutch situation
  • The development and strengthening of the required competences based on modified case studies
  • Access to the network (professors, consultancy parties, experts in specific fields)