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Lean Six Sigma offers tools and techniques to make better use of resources in organizations. With that it offers a strategy to transform healthcare in a unique way sometimes referred to as “flipping the pyramid”. Employees will become motivated to reduce forms of “waste”: all efforts that don’t add value to the customer. Output is increased while reducing stress, overtime and wait time for healthcare professionals and their patients. They start to feel ownership of their own processes again while continuously improving them with Lean Six Sigma tools.
Our master black belts Leon Martens and Pieter Bocken both have ample experience in the application of the methodology of Lean Six Sigma in many hospitals cross Europe with remarkable results: significant reduction in referral to treatment times, waiting lists, reduction of failure demand and improving patient satisfaction.
We offer a training curriculum built out of 3 consecutive modules with the ambition to improve outcomes for your customers in healthcare. Colleagues in pharmaceutical industry and medical devices will be equipped to engage and team up with healthcare professionals in improvement projects in hospitals and other care environments:
I. Yellow Belt training (1 day training)
Basic techniques that enables participation in Lean Six Sigma improvement projects. All tools are applied to healthcare in a simulation.
II. Problem Solving training (1 day training)
The Problem Solving training extends the knowledge of Yellow Belts to the level of A3 problem solving: a structured approach for problem solving. Theory will be applied on another engaging simulation.
III. Lean Green Belt training (2 day training)
Building on the content of the Yellow Belt training and the Problem Solving training, participants will gain deeper knowledge on the most important tools in Lean and challenged to apply them in a competition.