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Improving the knowledge and competencies of human capital in healthcare industries

At Smelt Academy, our mission is to help improve the human capital of in commercial healthcare. Our ultimate goal is to provide services and adaptive solutions, responsive service, trusted partnerships and willingness to learn & develop. Through innovation, accountability,  communication and teamwork, we take pride in knowing our efforts are helping talent to train their competencies and their knowledge for years to come.

Customer focused 

We work with our clients to develop their human capital
in a confident, collaborative, and compliant manner.


Our goal is to deliver quality training and personalized service,
while providing flexibility and guidance to meet our clients’ needs.

Customer Focused

We continuously review our operational metrics and best practices
to actively improve our processes, help our clients achieve their goals
in a timely and efficient, cost-effective manner.

Open, Honest and Respectful Communication

We work in partnership to balance the needs and expectations
of all stakeholders, while focused on the end goal:
high quality products that help patients.