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Marketing Accelerator


It is time for a new generation of brand managers, innovators who know how to overcome unexpected internal and external barriers and obstacles.

The marketing accelerator, learn how to be different, request a consultation with one of our course coordinators.




Business Administration Life Sciences & Health

Together with NHL – Stenden University, the Smelt Academy offers a post-College Business Administration course for the life sciences & health industry, starting in September. If you have the ambition or if you feel that due to the changing context of your target group you want to pursue a management position, then you can increase your insight into strategic management by following the various modules in this post-college course.

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Account Leadership training

Develop insights into account management and meet the stakeholders of your target group personally in our ‘account leadership training’ courses.

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Consultancy Learning & Development

Learning & development has taken off as its own discipline. In this day and age we wonder what the best method is to teach ourselves, or our team, new skills. Meet our learning & development specialists, who each have more than thirty years of experience in developing individuals, teams and organizations.

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Online Modules

Prices and reimbursements of medicines; you see this daily in almost every newspaper. Do you still keep track of it all? Healthcare and its market segments are undergoing major changes these last few years. The discussion about market forces is in full swing, regulators set stricter requirements and other financing options are increasing. Do you want to know everything about these developments? Then take a look at our completely updated online modules.

Communication training for Medics

Communication training for Medics
A two-day practical training to develop the communication skills of (customer facing) medical department talents. From your medical affairs role (MSL) you communicate daily with Healthcare Professionals. How do you make rapport with them? “We are one and the same, we understand each other exactly and we follow each other blindly.” Without jeopardizing the relationship, take the very steps forward in connecting with the HCP.