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Developing your team can be the key to the results your organization is looking for.

As a team leader or development and training leader, you probably face challenges such as low productivity and demotivated employees that can lead to turnovers. The Work Institute’s 2020 Retention Report indicated that 20% of employees quit for career development reasons.

To minimize all these issues, developing your team can be the key to the results and innovation your organization is looking for.

Besides lowering the number of employees that leave the organization, we featured a few reasons why developing your team in the pharma industry is important and why you should invest in it.

Prepare your organization to beat the competition

The Life Sciences is an incredibly competitive landscape, every day there are new digital advancements and scientific breakthroughs. Successful organizations in the field are constantly changing and adapting for the future. This elevated level of competition requires teams that are developed and prepared to adapt to this dynamic environment.  

Learning increases productivity

The high pressure and competition between Life Sciences organisations means that despite an innovative new medicine in the pipeline, your success will fall short without a productive team. Developing your team builds a powerful sense of teamwork and promotes trust, this can lead to a team that is skilled at balancing autonomy and cooperation which boosts productivity.  

A tailor-made training specially developed for your team can help you to tackle your organization’s issues and work on specific projects that demand expert knowledge.

Relationships: Engage employees with your organization

This newfound sense of teamwork and presence of healthy professional relationships can translate into many benefits. Employees that feel engaged with their co-workers tend to be more passionate about their projects and are more likely to optimise outputs and stay committed to their position. This leads to less quitting and more open communication.  

Forward-thinking teams bring innovation

Open communication and trust between team members creates the perfect environment for innovation. A shared workload allows for more time to think creatively. Additionally, learning in a training environment is very conducive to promoting innovative thinking because teamwork and creativity is an integral part of the experience. Everyone has the potential to innovate but they require the empowerment to do so.  

Reinforces company culture

An organisation’s values and missions are at the foundation of each team. Understanding the purpose of your work and knowing what the company plans to achieve is key to team engagement, productivity, and motivation. A developed team gives rise to a healthy environment where everyone feels equally valued and supported. This is often reflected in the company culture, which keeps current employees inspired and attracts new talent.  

How can Smelt help you develop your team?

The reasons for team development are now clear but getting started or knowing where to start is a daunting task to figure out. Outsourcing your team development with Smelt Academy can provide a clear and concise programmes that will guide your team through training that is specifically geared towards the Life Sciences industry.

Our programme creators and experts are also available to design courses that are specific to your needs and learning objectives. Plan a consultation to discover what is possible when you partner with Smelt Academy. 

Talk to our consultants or give us a call on 035 543 00 21.

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