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Smelt Academy launches the next generation of online modules

With this we meet our desire to offer knowledge that is unique to the Dutch market and that can be gained at any time.

The online modules can be purchased per module per individual or per group. We also offer organizations the opportunity to license the platform.

Our modules are suitable for

  • Everyone active in the life sciences & health industry in the Netherlands.
  • As a supplement to the onboarding program.
  • Suitable for use in the summer courses.
  • As an addition for development & change programs.

A selection from our range of online modules:

  • Organization and regulation of Dutch healthcare
  • Financing of Dutch healthcare Basis
  • Financing of Dutch healthcare. Floor-1st line
  • Financing of Dutch health care Floor-2nd line
  • Stakeholders

  • Highlighted: general practitioner and primary care
  • Highlighted: the pharmacist and distribution of medicines
  • Highlighted: the hospital, organization and financing
  • Highlighted: the health insurer and health care purchasing

  • Funding of medicines

  • Reimbursement of medicine
  • Pharmaco-economy

  • Basic medical knowledge

  • General medical knowledge
  • General pharmaceutical knowledge

  • Finance for non financials with healthcare casuistry

  • The balance sheet, loss & profit account
  • Forecasts
  • Analysis
  • Relevant for life sciences

  • Drug Advertising Code (CGR)
  • Reading scientific publications and introduction to statistics
  • Pharmacovigilance introduction & annual update
  • Good Clinical Practice ich-gcp
  • Risk-based monitoring
  • The current platform forms the basis. Smelt expects to introduce a new module every quarter.

Heb je een vraag over een van onze trainingen, of kun je niet vinden wat je zoekt, we helpen je graag verder. Laat hier je gegevens achter en we nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met je op.

Hartelijk dank namens het team van de Smelt Academy

Merijn, Ron, Judith en Barbara