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A renewed program

We offer a newly composed account leadership program for employees in the life sciences & health industry.

Structure of the curriculum

The Account Leadership curriculum is structured from three perspectives. First from the market perspective, second from the organizational perspective and third from the participant’s perspective. The training consists of 8 meetings (modules). Each meeting consists of two, to a maximum of three, building blocks. In total there are four different types of building blocks:

  1. In conversation with the stakeholder
  2. The expert speaks
  3. Theoretical framework
  4. Workshop

In block A (in conversation with the stakeholder), managers and caregivers, are interviewed who are directly or indirectly involved in policy development. This take place in execution of tasks that are relevant to suppliers of healthcare products. Think of members of the board of hospitals, financial managers, pharmacists, and care buyers.

In block B (Expert speaks), professionals come to transfer their knowledge and skills. This knowledge and expertise are important for the daily implementation of account management. Think of increasing insights (business context), data processing, legal background and economic models.

In block C (Theoretical framework) we increase the knowledge about business processes and the participant learns to apply these in a practical and simple way. Subjects like DMU management, contract management and project management offer.

In block D (Workshop) we mainly work actively together. In this block we mainly let the participant gain experience. What happens if you do “A” and what happens if you do “B”? The workshops focus on personal growth.

With the help of this curriculum you will soon have the knowledge and skills required to successfully fulfill your role.

The program is suitable for all customer-facing professionals within the life sciences & health industry

The full account leadership program:

  • takes place from 1.30 pm to 8 pm in Baarn at the Smelt Academy
  • consists of creating new learning experiences
  • consists of converting theory into action
  • consists of e-learnings
  • a maximum of 12 participants
  • cost € 4,250

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The key account management & leadership training programs are also offered to organizations in the form of customized training.

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Program manager

Ron de Vries

  • Basic knowledge and competences starter “sales” in the life sciences
  • Key account management
  • Account leadership
  • Curricula consisting of modules to be followed in class, supported by online learning modules
  • Guest speakers from stakeholders, who will discuss forms of cooperation
  • Account management models
  • Develop value creation methodically
  • Learning with and from colleagues
  • Basic knowledge of Dutch Healthcare, Financing of healthcare and Reimbursement of medicines
  • The development and strengthening of the required competences based on modified case studies
  • Access to the network (professors, consultancy parties, experts in specific fields)
  • Professional trainers with a history in the life sciences industry
  • account management
  • conversation techniques & communication skills
  • negation skills
  • project management
  • rayon management
  • dmu management
  • develop value propositions
  • develop customer matrix
  • connecting internally and externally